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Time a Factor in McLean County Expungement Ruling

A former honors student seeking to seal his criminal record will have to wait after a judge in McLean County agreed with prosecutors that five years is too soon for expungement given the seriousness of the offense. Tanner Tattini of Lexington negotiated a plea deal in 2015 after cops busted him selling cocaine in a sting operation near the Illinois State University campus in Normal. Then a student at Illinois Wesleyan University in nearby Bloomington, Tattini completed the state’s Impact Incarceration boot camp program as part of a five-year prison sentence for felony delivery of a controlled substance, as well as obtaining a degree while on parole and opening a technology services business.

However, Associate Judge William Workman denied a request to seal Tattini’s record, a move that would bar future employers and others from gaining access to information that continues in the public domain. He sided with state prosecutors and Normal police, who claimed that the public’s right to know about the seriousness of Tattini’s crime outweighed provisions made in law to smooth the way for first-time offenders that might otherwise find employment, housing and educational opportunities barred by their criminal histories. Tattini, who faced 30 years in jail, can appeal the ruling or refile a request for expungement and sealing, the judge said. 

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Time a Factor in McLean County Expungement Ruling