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Jump Out Wins CPD Approval of Stop-and-Frisk Arrest in Federal Court

Four Chicago cops acted properly in conducting the stop-and-frisk exercise that netted a convicted felon a firearms charge. This from a federal judge, who denied Charles Triplett’s contention that police violated his Constitutional rights on the night in July of 2019 that they jumped from their patrol car in West Garfield Park and arrested him after a short chase. One later said he saw the ammunitions clip of the gun found in the man’s trousers. Tripplett sought to have the evidence suppressed in his trial on a charge of felony transport of a weapon, claiming Officer Diondre Sweezer fit his story about grounds for the arrest to the crime.

In denying the motion, District Court Judge Mary M. Rowland cited case law in asserting police rights to ‘limited intrusion’ when they suspect criminal activity. She found Sweezer’s testimony that he spied the magazine from their patrol car credible, despite his neglecting to relay that information to his fellow officers until after Triplett had been apprehended. She said that Triplett’s flight when they approached justified the warrantless search, which was conducted with Triplett in handcuffs. Triplett claimed that Sweezer lied, contending he was too far away and the street too dimly lit to make such an assessment. Triplett, who sought protection under the Fourth Amendment, claimed the ‘jump out‘ was designed to give cops the propable cause they needed to make their arrest.

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