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The Chicagoland Law Firm zealously defends clients that are charged with crimes in DuPage County,  in Cook County, in the Chicagoland area  and throughout the state of Illinois. We handle charges that range from traffic violations and petty offenses to misdemeanors and felonies. Our goal is to achieve the best outcomes possible for clients.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers win reductions in charges and outright dismissals thanks to vigorous, pro-active defense strategies.  We negotiate with prosecutors to win plea agreements that result in lower fines and little or no jail time. We win not guilty verdicts from judges and juries when cases go to trial. We see that criminal records are expunged or sealed after sentences are served.

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Guilty or innocent, your Constitutional rights must be followed. That means your arrest must be Mirandized, and questioning must cease when you demand an attorney. You are also afforded the right to face your accuser. Fighting charges without a criminal defense attorney makes prosecutors and detectives smile. The state’s focus is on getting you to provide incriminating information — not uncovering the truth. Cops are backed by prosecutors with limitless government resources to make the charges stick. Illinois jails and prisons are filled with people who thought they could talk their way out of criminal charges. Including those who agreed to a plea bargain without knowing their rights under the law.  Fighting the State of Illinois without the help of a qualified defense attorney is like entering a lion’s den.  

It does not matter what stage your case is in – suspect, arrestee, arraigned, or adjudicated – you are afforded rights. One is the right to competent counsel. An experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer will navigate your issue and safeguard your Constitutional liberties.  You need a Criminal Defense Attorney to guide you a every step as you naviate the Illinois criminal justice system’s intricacies and complexities.


Full-Service DuPage County Criminal Defense Attorney

The Chicagoland Law Firm defends clients across the spectrum of criminal cases. We work hard to uncover the facts and apply the law in every case we handle. How we deliver for clients is the product of the results-oriented approach developed by our team of Criminal Defense professionals.

Meticulous preparation and systematic attention to detail help our clients achieve the best outcomes possible given the facts in their case. While each crime’s unique set of circumstances define it, getting the best Criminal Defense lawyer ultimately will influence the outcome of your case.

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Our Criminal Defense Attorney will consult with you free-of-charge to learn the facts in your case. Should you retain us, we will defend you zealously,


Our team of legal professionals will examine records, visit crime scenes, interview witnesses, consult with experts and research case law. We will use this information in preparing your defense.


With your help, we will devise and implelment a criminal defense strategy that achieves the best outcome possible given the facts in your case. We are your best defense.

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If you are arrested and charged with a crime in DuPage County, The Chicagoland Law Firm is your best defense. Please fill in the contact form for a free consultation. You also may call  (630) 550-5242 to speak with a member of our team right away. Or, visit our offices in Chicago and Downers Grove to speak with us directly.

When you retain us, we will sit down with you to identify the key issues in your case. We’ll use what we learn to develop the strategy and tactics that we’ll employ in defending you.

Our legal professionals can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

We know the law and we know how to make it work for you.

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