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Corona Claim at Cook County Jail Moves Forward on Civil Rights

A detainee who spent two weeks shackled to a bed in a public hospital during the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic can proceed with his claim that Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart violated his civil rights. This according to a ruling in federal court that allowed Dart’s qualified immunity to stand in his handling of the Novel Coronavirus at county jail facilities. A July suit names Dart and county government for the lax precautions before and after an outbreak at the treatment unit where Wesley Cullom was resident that he claims caused his hospitalization. 

In rejecting the county’s motion to dismiss, Judge Matthew F. Kennelly put aside the allegations that Dart’s failure to take more and better precautions might have mitigated the spread of the virus in his department. And, whether those precautions exaxcerbated the existing condition that saw Cullom billeted in a dormitory-style infirmary at the jail while awaiting trial. However, he said the conditions of Cullom’s confinement in a secure wing of Chicago’s Stoger Hospital meritted a deeper look. Collum alleges he was strapped to a bed after being  taken there for respiratory failure; this despite an evident diminished capacty for escape. If proved, Kennelly said, Dart could be found in violation of the 14th Amendment rights accorded the accused regarding physical restraint.

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Corona Claim at Cook County Jail Moves Forward on Civil Rights