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When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, having a committed and knowledgeable legal team to guide you makes a difference. From money and time lost to lawsuits to the loss of the suits themselves, success depends on quality legal representation. The Illinois Litigation Attorneys at The Chicagoland Law Firm help individuals, families and businesses achieve positive resolutions to disputes involving money and property and those aimed at getting court-appointed action from people and companies. .

Our Civil Litigation attorneys has years of experience representing clients in settlement negotiations and courtroom proceedings. We offer strategic advice that embraces what are all the forms of dispute resolution. Our legal professionals provide responsive support from the moment we take your case. Whether in mediation, arbitration or litigation in state or federal court, we zealously represent your interests until your dispute is resolved.

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Most civil disputes settle out of court. That’s because civil cases are costly to pursue. They can involve numerous motions, long periods of evidentiary discovery and numerous attempts to settle. Reaching a courtroom can take years. But that doesn’t make the guidance a civil suit lawyer offers any less valuable. 

The Chicagoland Law Firm can advise you on the most efficient way to resolve your civil dispute based on the facts of your case and past rulings and settlements. Our experience in alternative dispute resolution means that we can help you find ways of resolving the matter without your case ever going to court. In some cases, a lawsuit doesn’t need to be filed.

Retaining an experienced civil litigation attorney spares more than money. We understand that filing a lawsuit and being served one are two of life’s most daunting experiences. Emotions can cloud judgement and strain relations, putting greater stress on already stressful situations. A seasoned litigator provides a buffer that enables you to see more clearly the avenues open to you and their likelihood of achieving a satisfactory resolution.

If settling your case early on will achieve the best result, we will explain why we believe it is better to settle than pursue litigation. When finding an amicable resolution is not possible, we have the skill and in-depth legal knowledge to represent you with confidence and conviction in court.

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Most Civil cases end either with the case being dropped or with both parties agreeing to terms for fair monetary compensation or other forms of legal remedy. But when settlements cannot be reached at the negotiating table, you can depend on our strong advocacy and courtroom skill to litigate your case with confidence.

The Chicagoland Law Firm handles all types of Civil Litigation. We manage all phases of Civil Litigation, from the investigation, pleadings, and discovery through the pre-trial settlement, trial and appeals processes. We also defend clients against the threat of legal action.

Breach of Contract — If a party to a contract fails to fulfill terms of the contract then the contract has been breached and the counterparty may be entitled to sue. Our experienced contract lawyers help recover damages when breaches occur and defends those being sued for breaches of contract.

Employment Law — Spanning a spectrum of workplace issues, Employment Law protects workers from wrongdoing by employers. Our Employment Law attorneys represent employees in cases of misclassification and wage theft, harassment and discrimination, retailiation and wrongful termination, and in denials of leave and disputes over executive pay.

Intellectual Property — Laws exist to ensure that the rights of creators and owners to their works and designs are enforced and protected. Our Intellectual Property lawyers handle cases involving copyright and patent infringement, and the theft of trademarks and trade secrets. We also defend those charged with violating Intellectual Property laws.

Injunctions — Courts grant injunctions when so-called remedies at law, including monetary compensation, are deemed by a judge as insufficient to compensate for an irreparable damage or injury. Our experienced team of legal professionals advises clients on when to seek injunctions and how to make temporary injunctions permanent.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes — Landlords and tenants both have legal rights and responsibilities when entering into agreements over the renting and leasing of residential and commercial property. We ensure tenant access to well-maintained premises, while preserving the profits and equity of landlords who are working hard to run their businesses.

Small Claims — Disputes involving less than $10,000 in money or property are addressed in Small Claims court. Our attorneys can advise on the procedures and strategies that are best utilized in Small Claims cases, and we can prepare the filings, documents and witness testimony that bring success. 

Restraining Orders — A restraining order provides immediate relief from threats of violence or the harm that might be done should a threatened action be carried out. The Chicagoland Law Firm secures restraining orders in cases ranging from domestic violence and harassment to contract infringements and workplace disputes. 

Workers Compensation — Collecting on the insurance that exists to help employees and protect employers in the event of an injury on the job can be difficult. Our Workers Compensation attorney helps employees when disputes arise over workplace injuries and the compensation offered by an employer’s insurance company is inadequate. 

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